Landscape Lighting that Lasts in Indianapolis

Lighting is one of the most crucial parts of your landscape design. Let us help you make your landscape perfect, one that defines personality and character.

Light Up Your Landscape in Indianapolis, IN

When it comes to landscaping lighting, less really can be more.

Most people have the instinct to light up everything—every detail, every tree, every nook and cranny—but that’s inefficient, and it can wash the yard out.

The real beauty of a space is the play of shadow and light, which creates intrigue and drama, making a well-lit space feel inviting.

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We Promise

Safety & Security

Reduce the risk of accidents, improve your home’s security, and keep intruders out.


Illuminate those enchanting pathways you love and make a statement of lasting value.


Get better use from your outdoor area while enhancing its appearance.



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